Laura Flynn is a wetland scientist and practitioner specializing in the restoration and conservation of coastal habitats with a primary focus on mangrove, salt marsh and seagrass ecosystems.  Ms. Flynn has 15 years of experience working with Mr. Lewis and CRG in coastal conservation and educational outreach programs to promote awareness and restoration techniques to improve the success of projects by all restoration practitioners throughout Florida.  Ms. Flynn has mapped historical longshore bars for the management of seagrasses by the Tampa Bay National Estuary Program and is currently assisting Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program with the mapping of mangrove and salt marsh habitats throughout Charlotte Harbor. Ms. Flynn has worked with Mr. Lewis to complete over 20 local restoration projects including the restoration and preservation of islands within Pelican Island, the nation’s first National Wildlife Refuge, and the restoration of approximately 100 acres of mangrove, salt marsh and oyster habitat near the Alafia River, Tampa Bay. Ms. Flynn assists with coordination, mapping and field work to implement the restoration of approximately 200 acres of mangrove forest at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (RBNERR) and works with research partners on new techniques and approaches to identify areas of mangrove stress prior to die off of these habitats. Ms. Flynn facilitates the sale of mitigation credits and the subsequent implementation of large scale mitigation projects for the Keys Restoration Fund Federal In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program in the Florida Keys.